myover40® Duo-Ball

myover40® Duo Mobility Ball

Designed for Trigger Point Massage Therapy


myover40® duo ball is a versatile self-massage tool for the regeneration and mobilization of muscles and fascia. Massage the deepest muscle groups and hard-to-reach areas.

The space between the two balls allows a targeted and effective massage - particularly around the spine - improving the flexibility and performance of the muscles.

Our duo ball is perfect for full body massaging and relieving muscle tension, it is used on a table, against the wall, or on the floor, and is used in our myover40® training programs for trigger point therapy

  • Designed for trigger point and fascia treatment, back muscle, arm, neck, and foot massage
  • Can be used on a desk, wall or floor
  • Helps balance training and correct incorrect posture
  • EPP material, sturdy design, durable and practical
  • Aids pain-free movement with the myover40® program

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