• myover40® Mobility Ball

    myover40® Mobility Ball


    Key Features

    1. Unique rubber massage balls from the myover40® range
    2. Massage deep into muscles
    3. Relieves knots, aches, pains and tension
    4. Incredibly effective self massage tool
    5. Developed by myover40® experts
    6. Eco-friendly
  • myover40® Duo-Ball

    myover40® Duo Mobility Ball

    Designed for Trigger Point Massage Therapy


  • myover40® Mobility Block

    myover40® Mobility Block

    Support your body and achieve improved mobility and flexibility with our mobility block.

    Bevelled edges for ease of grip, non-slip surface for safe useage, and easily cleaned for your hygiene and safety.

    Webinars and courses also available for details on how to use myover40® products and program.


  • myover40® Mini Bands Set

    myover40® Mini Bands

    Mini loop Resistance bands.

    Designed for Fitness, Mobility and Strength

    5 mini resistance bands with varying resistance, easy to hard

    For ALL fitness levels!