myover40® Mini Roller

myover40® Mini Roller

Designed for Fitness and Myofascial Release

Portable Fitness and Pain relief with myover40® mini roller.

The ideal tool for physiotherapy, pilates, yoga, myofascial release, fitness and rehabilitation. Our scientifically designed mini roller supports and massages lean tissue, while also improving stability, flexibility and strength.

Why go Mini?

  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Lessens clamping on larger areas of fascia in comparison to the larger models
  • More targeted large muscle group massage
  • Use as a stability fitness aid (see below)
  • Improve Mobility and Pain on the go
  • Great for people with driving jobs!

Pain reduction & Mobility 

  • Fascia pain is responsible for 80% of all pain!
  • Use the myover40® mini roller for therapeutic massage of smaller body segments, and help alleviate the pain from your fascia.


  • Use your myover40® to improve core workouts, place the roller under the hands or feet during planks, glute bridges etc... to make the exercises more difficult.

Training with myover40® - courses available @

Size: 15cm


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